Throughout history, many notable personalities stated – to paraphrase- that, true measure of society’s moral fibre is to observe how its weakest members are treated.

This simple yet powerful deduction, is one of major reasons for the formation of the “Horn of Africa Development Association” (HADA) . The organisation was registered in 2006 by few development oriented individuals, with the lofty aim of helping and supporting weakest who are also the most overlooked members of society with little or no attention from humanitarian community.

HADA is legally registered with the the Charity commission for England and wales (1116838) and is registered also with the Companies House registration as a non profit entity  (8721164).


HADA is non-political, non-religious, non-racial, and non-profit-making UK charity organisation devoted to make a positive lasting change in the life and livelihood status of Somali communities in the Horn of Africa region.


  • To strive towards the eradication of chaining mentally ill individuals
  • To create an environment where mental health illness are no longer a taboo
  • To vastly upgrade the capacity of regional centres to deal with Mental Illness
  • Eradication of substance abuse; No child fall prey to the streets and left openly abuse substances
  • To make significant improvement in maternal and child mortality
  • Empower youths of all backgrounds for a viable and sustainable future



  • Empowering the most over looked. Strive hard towards empowering communities by supporting its weakest individuals in under funded mental health institutions, including women and children.
  • Awareness! In this region of Africa as with many parts of world’s poorest regions,   Debunking Myths about issues such as Mental health is a must, and we are planning to do this through awareness programmes.
  • Human Dignity; To promote dignity and human rights by equipping communities with right tools and consistent support.
  • Mother and Child first Policy; the health of mothers and children is vital for the social and economic development as with every single society. Evidence based studies have proved time and again neglecting this area or treating it as secondary issue, wastes resources in the long run and would ensure continual impoverishment of communities in this region.



Membership and affiliation


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Being a charity organisation means we have to stretch every penny to make sure we get the best deal. Some  wonderful businesses understand that non profits always could with a little help, especially when it comes to to in kind products and services, we would therefore like to publicly acknowledge the following suppliers as a token of  our appreciation;



Display Wizard, supplier of promotional flags and banners, provided us with a FREE banner for an upcoming community fundraising in Birmingham for drought victims in Somalia.